360 Degrees of Resistance

Do more with your body than ever before!

"This is the next level of training. Innovative, fun and now a consistent part of my fitness routine. The burn is crushing. I use these as a finisher at the end of my training sessions."

Yanni Hufnagel
​Assistant Basketball Coach, Harvard

Features & Benefits

Custom Grip

Breathable material, finger gussets and open fingers allows a durable comfortable feel for maximum performance.

Wrist Support

Increased wrist support to give an amazing feel to add to your workout experience


The Arazi Performance D-ring technology allows a pulley system or resistance bands to be connected to the gloves, whilst you still have the ability to hold dumbbells, kettle bells, sports equipment etc


My first experience with the Arazi Performance Equipment represented a totally unique work out that I had never experienced before. The constant resistance that would be either attached to my hands or body made the exercises less one dimensional and targeted different muscles at the same time. This for me is very beneficial because as someone who plays NCAA Division 1 soccer in college, it’s a huge advantage to my strength and conditioning when I can target multiple muscles at the same time.

Max Brown
NCAA Soccer

This product is a great tool for any fitness program. It prevents you from using momentum or cheating while challenging you through the entire range of motion. The possibilities are endless!

Eric Bandiero

The gloves are great accessory for any type of workout. It’s both comfortable and functional. These gloves are great for anyone, especially if your desire is to focus on joint stability. I would recommend them in a heart beat.

Jonathan Blake


The gloves are a fantastic choice for working out. It offers people the choice to lift normally with wrist joint support as well as a different kind of resistance that works muscles in a way the body is not used to, maximizing the efficiency of the work out. When I use the gloves I feel the pump every time with no joint pain. I would recommend this glove to anyone from athletes to the once-a-week gym user

John Nia


This is the next level of training. Innovative, fun and now a consistent part of my fitness routine. The burn is crushing. I use these as a finisher at the end of my training sessions.

Yanni Hufnagel
​Assistant Basketball Coach, Harvard


This product is a necessary tool in not only adding resistance, but also increasing the unpredictability factor of added components that the core and joints need to remain aware, attentive and receptive to stimuli. A great tool to speed up the recovery process in rehab or to rapidly produce desirable results for the beginner or advanced trainee. In my opinion, a well researched and much needed product for the marketplace. My athletes will definitely know about this.

FD Ra Solutions Strategist


After using these workout gloves I found my workouts to be more complete and more challenging. It’s great fun to be able to do several exercises at one time. The glove makes the workout more fun.

Nancy J

The Arazi fitness glove has been an integral part of my new fitness journey. I was diagnosed with pre Parkinson's which create a tremor in my right arm. Using the glove has helped to focus on making my central nervous system work harder which helps to create more control over my tremors!its like using resistance bands Plus! Because of the positive and negative resistance created! so from a therapeutic standpoint these are a must!


The Arazi gloves have redefined not only my client's work outs, but my own as well. They have the ability to take a basic movement to another level. They are versatile, as it can be tailored to fit into a work out for any and all levels. It's a tool that we have been missing in our trainer toolbox.


I am currently training in contortion and aerial, and my Arazi Fitness gloves turn my training up a notch. It assists in active flexibility drills as well as strengthening ones. The gloves are a great substitute for partner-assited stretching for back bending as it lends the "pull" to increase the stretch. They are well designed and super comfortable. Go get some!


I've been working out for 15 years and was becoming bored with my routine.  The Arazi Fitness Glove has taken my workout to the next level.  Once you use the glove you will never use your old gym gloves again.


I am a huge fan of the Arazi Fitness Glove and have been regularly using it for over a year.  It is an extremely versatile fitness tool that adds a different type of resistance to most traditional work outs.  It's been extremely effective when incorporated into my normal workout regime, but it's also been very useful when I've hit a plateau and need a change to my workout to keep advancing.  It's also great for atheletes and others looking to hone in and pin point a specific muscle or muscle group.  I also find them to be really comfortable and use them as normal fitness gloves even when I'm not using the rings.


The Arazi Fitness Gloves are truly innovative, and I predict will change the game of fitness and strength training. These gloves allow a person to be creative with their workouts while maintaining safe, stable, mobile, and effective forms of weight training which engage and strengthen different muscle groups otherwise ignored by conventional forms of weight lifting. This product is also a great tool for any practitioner of the martial arts or combat sports. Highly recommended!


These are, by far, the best made gloves I have ever tried, and that is without referring to their special features to attach resistance to them. They are just brilliant.


Being in the fitness industry for about 14 years, you'd think that you've seen or tried it all...but working with Arazi was a new and exciting experience for me. I felt my core and all my stabilization muscles in such a way that I think my body is actually begging for more. The next morning I was sore, but not achey! My joints felt great! I also found this level of resistance training to be extremely beneficial for me, a martial arts athlete. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone. The gloves were a great fit and comfortable. I thought my hands would be sweaty and gross and I barely even noticed that I had them on.

Phoenix Carnevale

These are by far the most useful and durable workout gloves I've ever had. Got my pair over a year ago and they still look new. The best part of the gloves to me is the rehabilitation effect of the gloves. If you're a physical therapist with clients who have dis functions especially the shoulders I highly recommend these gloves

Feliciano Collins

I've been using these gloves for a year and love them. I'm on my 2nd pair due to forgetting the 1st set at the gym. I workout 6 days a week and my workouts are intense. The quality, comfort, and grip is by far the best in the market. I get approached a lot , because everyone is fascinated with the gloves. With its unique rings, it provides an incredible dynamic workout that you can't get with traditional gloves. By far well worth the investment for yourself.

Jason Rueda

I bought my Arazi Fitness gloves through the kickstarter campaign and now wish I had bought a second pair. I train at Equinox in NYC, and my clients are '"high-profile" clients who expect only the best from me. I always have to create innovative exercises and/or engaging exercises, which is why these gloves helped

Kurt VonAllmen

This is a great product that allows for all kinds of creativity. The options are limited only by your creativity as a trainer. I use them connected to varying resistance banding to teach clients how to throw punches utilizing their lower body. The glove is part of my routine and the programming for my clients and I highly recommend.

Francisco Liuzzi, @Innervationfitness

I received the gloves from my good friend Naqam. I must say that the gloves are an amazing addition to my work out routine with my personal trainer. The versatility of the gloves make them so user friendly, even for someone as uncoordinated as myself. I am so glad that I have these gloves because they add so much to my workout routine. Run, don't walk, to get a pair. Highly recommended and so easy to use. Thank you Naqam.

Tony Ortega, Psychologist

I started using Arazi equipment after I plateaued with regular work outs. Arazi offered a whole new dimension to standard work outs. Will definitely recommend to friends.


I had the opportunity to try this product for the first time on Friday and I was extremely surprised on how it adds intensity through resistance to all the movements that I did. These products are designed with everybody in mind from advance gym rats to first time users this will definitely improve your form by making you use weight that you can manage and add resistance to it with the bands.
Thank you for creating a revolutionary product and for taking the traditional workout to a whole new level of fitness, the arazi fitness level.

Jose Alarcon

I've known this man for almost 10 years and let me tell you that he shows up ready to work day in and day out with strong energy. I just finished my NCAA career due to a shoulder surgery but now that I'm 6 months out I've incorporated the gloves in both my training and rehabilitation as it challenges many different muscles that you wouldn't otherwise be able to hit. The gloves allow you to combine resistance from cables and free weights which makes for a ridiculous effect. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for strength and stability in all areas of your workouts. Awesome product that I will consistently use to increase my performance and prevent future injuries!!!


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