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About me

I'm Naqam. Founder of Arazi. I started in the fitness industry in 1999 as Fitness Director for a major NY Club. Since then I have traveled with Major League sports teams, NBA players and Entertainers. Clients have included Patrick Ewing, Penny Hardaway, Carlos Boozer, Derek Hough, Sean Combs, Cassie, Jessica Clark and Charlie Cox.

The foundation of my training is functional movement. Training that is an asset of life. I add degrees of difficulty by using load vectors. This aggressive training style has led me to create the Arazi Training System.


About the product

The arazi performance range of products are designed to elevate functional and sports performance. Modern movement patterns found in traditional weight training allow only one line of resistance. The arazi products enhances training by allowing two lines of resistance for any movement pattern. For example, in most exercises the primary load will come from almost any traditional weight training source such as a dumb bell, body bar, kettle bell, ball, baseball bat or golf club. A secondary load is added by attaching the products to a traditional cable pulley system found in any gym or using the arazi bands to attach to any stable object. This significantly enhances the exercise by creating a dynamic upgrade to the movement pattern.

For those just trying to get in shape or those with sports specific needs, the arazi products are an asset in any fitness program. They are an invaluable tool that will improve power,strength, stabilization, and endurance - improvements which you will see in all areas of training and performance.


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